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4 Fantastic Benefits of Hollow Shaft Encoders

Hollow shaft encoders are used to fit over motors, they reduce movement that could cause damage or harm. There can be distinctive comparisons made between them and solid shaft encoders, with the major difference being that solid shaft encoders require a mounting flange and coupling, while a hollow shaft encoder only needs a spring tether to prevent rotational movement and absorb vibration.

Do you have a certain need for speed, design and overall effectiveness?

Then here are four fantastic benefits that hollow shaft encoders have to offer:


Hollow shaft encoders can be mounted directly to a motor, to prevent rotation and absorb vibration. This rotation is prevented throughout the affixation of flexible torque arms - ensuring stability. A hollow shaft encoder is simple yet effective and is ideal for a variety of industries.

Easy installation

Do you want an encoder which is easy to install, position and align?

The process to install a hollow shaft encoder is more convenient and less time-consuming than a solid shaft encoder. Rather than having a solid bar (like the solid shaft encoder) which matches the exact size of the motor, a hollow shaft encoder is clamped into the appropriate place - it doesn’t need to be the perfect fit for your application because it is easily adjustable. This ultimately saves you money because you can use this device for more than one application


Are you looking for an encoder that can withstand shock and vibration?

A hollow shaft encoder offers moderate resistance against shock. If you work within an industry that requires you to lift heavy products/equipment, you need something that is cost effective - lasting you a long time, therefore you want it to be built to resist impacts and forces from heavy equipment. Hollow shaft encoders are suitable for various industries where this might be the case, as they are made to be versatile and multi-purpose - ensuring customer needs are met specifically.

Specifications (tailored to your needs)

The environment can dictate the performance and quality of the hollow shaft encoder. This type of encoder can be useful when lifting lower voltage loads, an example of how it works includes hoisting equipment. The driving cables can operate smoothly because the motor is installed to the traction sheave - allowing the lift to stop at the correct time. Notably, the hollow shaft encoders are reliable, their size can be tailored to your requirements and they are much more adaptable to your needs. Also, they are the most preferred style of encoder offering compactness, versatility and reliable performance.

How do our Hollow Shaft Encoders compare at Tacho Generators?

Greenbank Machinery & Plant Ltd have the perfect solution to meet any challenges you may be facing with regards to your applications requiring an encoder. We emphasise that our encoders must be determined by the requirements of your mechanism if you want to receive the best service possible!

Looking to improve design, speed or overall effectiveness? These are all factors to think about before buying a hollow shaft encoder - we want you to find the most appropriate encoder considering your specific needs!

Our hollow shaft encoders range in size; this is to meet your requirements too, they are also designed specifically for hostile and harsh environments. We ensure our products offer quality in their performance, no matter what job they are required to do.

Currently, we stock the Italsensor TKE615 in our Hollow Shaft Encoder range which is generally suitable for applications within industry.

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