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Different types of tachogenerators that we offer

What is a Tachogenerator?

A tachogenerator, or tachometer generator, is an electromechanical device used to accurately measure the speed of engines and motors. In fact, a tachogenerator can measure the speed and direction of all manner of rotational devices once connected and will output a voltage proportional to the rotation around its own shaft. In other words, a tachogenerator can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. A tachogenerator is commonly used to handle voltages between 0 and 10 volts and is classed as a precision instrument. We supply solid shaft, blind shaft and hollow shaft types of tachogenerator.

Tachogenerator Applications

A tachogenerator can be found in various kinds of machine tool and other equipment where the measurement of speed and direction is essential. These include electric motors, conveyor belts, engines, fans and mixers. Consumer products where you would expect to find a tachogenerator would be in a washing machine or a food processor. A tachogenerator is also used in voltage control and current limiting circuits to protect equipment from overheating or to protect other components within an electromechanical device.

Solid Shaft Tachogenerator

Solid shaft tachogenerators are connected to a shaft which, in turn, is connected to an external rotational device. It is the rotation of the external device which turns the tachogenerator shaft and thus generating a very specific range of voltages in accordance with the speed and direction of the shaft. Tachogenerators can indicate rotational direction due to the fact that if a tachogenerator shaft is reversed, the output voltage polarity will change. The solid-shaft tachogenerator is best suited to high load applications.

Hollow Shaft

A Hollow-shaft tachogenerator differs internally from solid shaft tachogenerators in that they are designed with four magnetic poles rather than two. This design allows for the tachogenerator to work with lower voltage loads. An example of the use of a DC hollow shaft tachogenerator is to sense the speed of an elevator. The DC tachogenerator is installed in the hoisting equipment on the traction sheave that drives the cables. It enables the accurate control of cable speed to make sure that the lift stops at the right floor and does so smoothly.

Speak to our sales team for more information on the types and brands of tachogenerator we stock.

Why Use Greenbank?

We have been serving the speed sensing industry for more than four decades and specialise in supplying absolute and incremental encoders. Our dedication to high quality products has seen us partner with the biggest names in the industry such as Baumer Hubner, Radio Energie and Italsensor (for whom we act as the sole UK agent). We also offer in-house repairs to further enhance our abilities as a one stop shop for all sales and servicing needs. The equipment we supply for include; lifts, Cranes, Solar Panels, Rotary Tables, Wind Systems, Mining Drills and CNC Machining Equipment. We also maintain a comprehensive parts department for all our supplied products and deliver worldwide. Where ever there is a need for speed control Greenbank Machinery & Plant Ltd have got you covered.

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