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Diffuse sensors with intensity difference O300.ZR

general data
type:   intensity difference
light source:   pulsed red LED
sensing distance Tw:   10...400mm
power on indication:   LED green
light indicator:   LED yellow
sensing distance adjustment:   qTeach
wave length:   630nm
suppression of reciprocal influence:   yes
alignment optical axis:    < 2°

electrical data
response time/release time:   <1 ms
voltage supply range +Vs:   10...30 VDC
current consumption max. (no load):   45 mA
current consumption typ.:   30 mA
voltage drop Vd:   < 3 VDC
output function:   light / dark operate
output circuit:   push-pull
output current:   < 100 mA
short circuit protection:   yes
revers polarity protection:   yes

mechanical data
width / diameter:   12,9 mm
height / length:   32,3 mm
depth:   23 mm
type:   rectangular
housing material:   plastic (ASA, PMMA)
front (optics):   PMMA

ambient conditions
operating temperature:   -25 ... +60 °C 
protection class:   IP 67

order reference        connection types
O300.ZR-11128017   cable 4 pin, 2 m
O300.ZR-11128014   connector M8 4 pin

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