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The Bicoder® are an encoder family with a monolithic structure equipped with two discs, two electronics, two reading systems completely different from each other, operating on the same shaft.

The bicoders can be either incremental or incremental/absolute.

Incremental Bicoder®
They are manufactured with two incremental discs with a number of lines different or equal to each other.
The resolution can be between from 2 to 9000 square-wave pulses per revolution on unidirectional, bidirectional version with or without absolute zero index.
Size and body dimensions are those typical models such as:
TK50 (F, SG, FRE) and  TK60H

Interface with limited counting frequency
It can be manufactured with a low resolution disc (for example 500 ppr) for fast displacement and with a high resolution disc (for example 5000 ppr) used for reaching, with low displacement, the tooling point.

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