Worldwide suppliers and installers of Drives*,
Encoders and Tachogenerators
from various manufacturers
*see info in Motors section

Sole UK Distributors of Italsensor Encoders
Official stockists/distributors of Baumer Hubner, IVO and Thalheim products
Stockists of Radio Energie/Precilec/Zodiac Aerospace Tacho Generators


Body diameter (mm) 58 (overall length less than 65)
Shaft diameter (mm) 6, 10
Steps/Turns (PPR) max 8192/4096 (user programmable)
Available code G, B (user programmable)
Output interface synchronous serial interface (SSI) bit numbers user programmable
Programming interface RS485 (with proprietary adapter)


Dimensions see drawings
Shaft stainless steel
Shaft loading axial 20N; radial 10N
Permissible angular acceleration 10^4 rad/s²
Moment of inertia typically 2.5 * 10^-6  kg m²
Shaft Rotation Speed 12000 RPM continuous
Bearings life 3,9 x 10^10  revolutions (minimum) @ 6000 RPM, 60°C, 5N radial, 10N axial
Weight ~ 0,5 kg


STD code GRAY – BINARY programmable
SSI clock frequency 80 kHz ÷ 1 MHz ; monoflop time 16 µs ÷ 25 µs, typically 20 µs
Protection against inversion of polarity
Power dissipation < 3W


Flange aluminium non corroding
Housing alluminio ossidato


Operating temperature range -20°C ÷ +70°C
Storage temperature range -30°C ÷ +80°C
Relative humidity 98% RH without condensing
Vibrations DIN EN 60068-2-6 1996, Shock DIN EN 60068-2-27 1995
Warm up time 1 s

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