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Sole UK Distributors of Italsensor Encoders
Official stockists/distributors of Baumer Hubner, IVO and Thalheim products
Stockists of Radio Energie/Precilec/Zodiac Aerospace Tacho Generators


Body diamet?r (mm) 58
Shaft diamet?r (mm) 10, 12, 14, 15 (fit H7)
Singleturn 1,…,65536 ppr (up to 16 bit)
Number of turn 1,…,65536 ppr (up to 16 bit)
Total resolution 1,…,4294967296 (32 bit) programmable
Code binary
Output interface EtherNet/IP


Dimensions see drawings
Hollow shaft stainless steel
Shaft loading axial 40 N; radial 80 N
Moment of inertia typically 6.0*10-6  kgm2
Shaft Rotation Speed 6000 RPM, 4000 RPM (continuous) up to 70 °C / 4000 RPM, 3000 RPM (continuous) up to Tmax
Starting torque <0.01 Nm
Weight ~ 0,45 kg


Supply voltage 10÷30 V
Protection against inversion of polarity
Power dissipation <3 W


Flange aluminum non corroding
Housing aluminum non corroding
Shaft stainless steel


Operating temperature range -40 °C ÷ +80 °C
Storage temperature range -40 °C ÷ +80 °C
Protection degree (EN 60529) IP65
Relative humidity 98% RH without condensing
Vibrations (EN 60068-2-6) 100 m/s2, 55 .. 2000 Hz
Schock resistance (EN 60068-2-27) 2500 m/s2, 6 ms

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