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Couplings are components that connect shafts together so that motion can be transferred from one to the other. They are used to transmit torque between the shaft of the tachogenerator and the machine to which it is coupled. We stock many different types and they can be broadly grouped into rigid and flexible shaft couplings. Rigid couplings are good for transmitting power where there is no misalignment between shafts. Flexible shaft couplings are required when there is a degree of misalignment or end movement or both. They tend to have an elastic member between the two connections which will protect both the driving shaft and the driven shaft from harm due to misalignment, vibrations, shock loads and expansion due to temperature changes. Selecting the right style, size and type of component will maximise the efficiency of your equipment and protect it from wear and tear. This will result in savings from reduced maintenance and downtime costs. Browse through our selection and feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries about our stock.

Double Loop Flex P Couplings
  • Drive coupling - 4 sizes
  • bores available from 6mm - 16mm
  • double loop
  • General purpose for light power drives
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Flex B Stainless Steel Couplings
  • Hign Performance Coupling
  • 11 x 11mm EX STOCK
  • other bores available EX STOCK
  • low inertia
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Flex G Jaw Coupling
  • Drive Coupling
  • 3mm - 16mm bores
  • Allows high torque with little or no backlash
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Flex M Coupling
  • Tolerant flexural system
  • Suitable for servo drives
  • Low inertia
  • High performance
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Flexible Couplings
  • The flexible couplings are used in order to avoid over-charge on the encoder shaft, that will drastically reduce its life
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Multi Beam Aluminium Coupling
  • Torsionally rigid design
  • Will readily accommodate any combination of axial motion, angular and parallel misalignment
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Multi Beam Stainless Steel Coupling
  • Zero Backlash
  • Will readily accommodate any combination of axial motion, angular and parallel misalignment
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Oldham Coupling - Blind set screw
  • Can tolerate large misalignments
  • Consists of 2 hubs and 1 torque disc
  • Popular in Stepper drives
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Plastic Universal Joints
  • Suitable for intermittent applications where low mass, corrosion resistance and electrical isolation are desirable
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S Beam Single Helix Beam Coupling
  • Beam couplings will accommodate axial, angular and parallel misalignment
  • Zero Backlash
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Spring Disc Coupling
  • Sizes K35 K50 K60
  • Sizes K35 & K50 in 11mm have an insulated hub
  • bores available form 6mm - 22mm
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Step Beam Nylon Coupling
  • Unique moulded design
  • Good lateral flexibility
  • High torsional stiffness
  • 3mm - 12.7mm bores
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Universal / Lateral Coupling
  • Widely used for pulse generator drives
  • Unique property is resistance to axial motion Backlash Free
  • Can tolerate large misalignments
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