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There are a variety of different hollow through shaft products available on the market, examples of these include linear encoders, hollow shaft encoders and incremental encoders and can be used for a variety of different applications in some of the harshest environments. Sealed linear encoders and incremental encoders are used to turn the linear displacements of components of machinery into electrical signals capable of transmitting data about the displacement activities. These products can be used in harsh environments and are suited for use in laboratory or medical equipment environments, as well as within the industrial or electronics fields. These encoders are precisely manufactured and can be supplied with the additional protection of filtered air into the housing of the units. They are available in a variety of bore sizes, with 15mm as standard size. Some of these encoders are programmable for additional versatility. Hollow shaft encoders have a variety of uses including within the lift industry and for general industrial and motor applications. Different encoders feature design differentials, such as connection variability and sizings. Some encoders feature particularly heavy duty construction or are sealed against air, dust or water damage. Encoders working at varying pulse rates and with different sized body diameters are also available.

EIL580P Programmable Hollow Encoder
  • Programmable Encoder
  • 1- 65536 PPR
  • 15mm Hollow standard **other bores available**
  • High Resistance to Shock or Vibrations
  • High Protection at IP67
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IH120 Incremental Hollow Encoder
  • 40mm - 65mm hollow bore
  • 4.75 - 30V RS Compatible
  • Very Heavy Duty Construction
  • upto max 50000 PPR
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Italsensor TKW615HT - Hollow Shaft Encoder
  • 8mm 10mm and 12,7mm Shaft Options
  • 2 - 3600 PPR
  • 5V 11/30V and 24/5V voltage supply
  • 63.5mm dia flange
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Italsensor TS58HS - Hollow Shaft Encoder
  • Extremely rugged mechanical parts
  • Housing sealed against oil, moisture and dust
  • Standard pulse rate up to 2048 PPR
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Italsensor TSW58HS - Hollow Shaft Encoder
  • 6 - 15mm Shaft Options
  • 4 - 5000 PPR
  • 5V 5/28V 11/30V Voltage Supply
  • 58mm body dia
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Italsensor TSW80 - Hollow Shaft Encoder
  • Stainless Steel through hollow shaft
  • Bore sizes available from 20mm upto 44mm
  • Used in the Lift Industry
  • Cable or plug connection
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Italsensor TSW80P - Hollow Shaft Encoder
  • 8, 10, 12, 14 & 15mm shaft Options
  • 5V and 8/24V Voltage Supply
  • 1024PPR or 2048 PPR
  • Collar Clamp
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Italsensor TTMW25 - Hollow Shaft Magnetic Encoder
  • With Integrated Magnetic Shield
  • 6mm Shaft
  • 2048 PPR MAX
  • 25mm body dia
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Italsensor TTMW365 - Solid Shaft Magnetic Encoder
  • With Integrated Magnetic Shield
  • 6mm Shaft
  • 2048 PPR MAX
  • 36.5mm dia body
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Italsensor TTMW58 - Hollow Shaft Magnetic Encoder
  • Magnetic Incremental Encoder
  • 6 - 15mm Shaft options
  • 2048 PPR MAX
  • 58mm dia body
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Precizika L18 Photoelectric Incremental Encoder
  • Glass Scale
  • With/Without compressed Air
  • Measuring length 70mm / 520mm / 1240mm
  • Sinusoidal / Square Wave (HTL / TTL)
  • Able to work in harsh environments
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Precizika L35 Photoelectric Linear Encoder
  • Sinusoidal signals and square wave (HTL / TTL)
  • Measuring length 170mm to 3240mm
  • Harsh Environments
  • With/without Filtered Air
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TISPW581 Programmable Hollow shaft encoder
  • Programmable from 1 to 65000 pulse
  • Hollow bore 15mm standard
  • Line Driver / Push pull
  • Ex Stock with bore reducers available
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