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Brushless Resolvers

• Wide Operating Temperature Range
–55 to +155°C (Built-in type)
–30 to +100°C (All Shaft types, TS2028, and TS2054)

• Usable in Demanding Environments
Vibration : 196m/s2 (20G) at 10~500Hz
Shock : 981m/s2 (100G) for 11ms
Humidity : 90% Rh Min. at 60°C

• High reliability and long life owing to brushlessness

• Operating speed up to :
100~500-1 (6000~30000min-1) / (Built-in type)
100s-1 (6000min-1) / (Shaft type)

• Free from electrical and mechanical noise

• Shaft Run-out
A motor shaft on which Rotor is mounted should have a run-out less than 0.050mm (TIR).

• Concentricity
Centers of resolver and motor shaft should be aligned within 0.050mm (TIR).

• Perpendicularity
Resolver case should be perpendicular to the motor shaft within 0.050mm (TIR).

• Axial Alignment
For built-in types, Stator and Rotor should be axially aligned within the tolerance of MTG.DIM.

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