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EIL580P Programmable Hollow Encoder

Baumer Hubner Programmable EIL580P Hollow Encoder

We are delighted to offer this popular model. The Baumer Hubner Programmable EIL580P Hollow Encoder offers an incremental encoder with a blind or through hollow shaft. Size Ø58mm, it is easily programmable to deliver 1 to 65,536 pulses per revolution (PPR). It is designed to provide high protection to IP67 and high resistance to shock and vibrations (Resistance: DIN EN 60068 -2 - 6) (Vibration 30g 10-2000Hz.

With axial, radial or tangential connections, the EIL580P Programmable Hollow Encoder includes precise optical sensing. The output signal level is programmable in both TTL or HTL languages. This model has a 15mm bore standard - other bores are available from 8mm.

With an approximate weight of 300g, this Programmable Hollow Encoder is constructed with die-cast aluminium for the housing and aluminium for the flange.

It is available from stock with cable. If you order the M12 and M23 connectors, please allow two weeks for delivery. 

New Programmable  Encoder from Baumer
Pulses available from 1ppr to 65536 ppr.  
Short Circuit.  
Full compliments.
4.75V - 30V DC
IP65 Standard - IP67 with shaft seal
15mm bore standard ** other bores available from 8mm **

Available from stock with cable.  M12 and M23 connector approx 2 weeks

Resistance:  DIN EN 60068 -2 - 6    Vibration 30g 10-2000Hz

Interferance Immunity:    DIN EN 61000-6-2
Emitted Interferance:       DIN EN 61000-6-3
Approval:                        UL508 / CSA22.2

Materials:        Housing - Aluminium die cast
                            Flange - Aluminium

Weight:  Approx 300g

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