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TISP581 Italsensor Programmable Encoder

TISP581 Italsensor Programmable Incremental Shaft Encoder

Stocked with 11mm shaft.   5m cable c/w plug also available from stock

Dimensions: - see drawings
Solid shaft: stainless steel (UNI EN 10088-3 DN. 1.4305)

Resolution: programmable from 1 to 65536
Output frequency: up to 300 kHz
Posizione impulso di zero - Index pulse positioning:
Programmable counting direction: - user selectable (CW or CCW)
Power consumption: <500 mW (a vuoto - without load)
Protection:  inversion of polarity protection

Flange: - aluminium non corroding
Housing: Poliammide 6 (PA6); Polyamid 6 (PA6) - (metallic on request)

Operating temperature range: -25°C - +85C
temperature range  -25C - +85C
Relative humidity : 98% RH without condensing
Vibrations: 10 g - (From 10 up to 2.000 Hz)
Shock: 20 g  - (for 11 ms)
Shaft loading: - axial: 100 N;  - radial 100 N
Shaft rotational speed:10.000 RPM - to short cycle time; 6.000 RPM  - continuous;
2000 giri/min con asse stagno - with protection shaft
Starting torque at 25°C: 0,025 Nm; 0,040 Nm - with proof shaft; *(1)
Moment of inertia: 40 g cm2
Bearings life: 5 x 109 giri (minimo

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